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Commercial & Residential AC Covers

Whether you need a custom air conditioner cover for your home or office, we can make and ship a custom cover right to your door. 

What are the benefits of an AC Cover?


Having an AC Cover will help prevent leaves and other types of outdoor debris from getting into your unit in the off seasons when it is not in use. This also help prolong the life of your unit. 

How do I find my AC Make and Model Information?


You’ll need to look on all sides of your AC unit to find the identification plate or sticker. It will include your Model (MOD) number as well as the Brand (make) of the air conditioner unit displayed. 

Can I Just Use a Tarp or Garbage Bag?


Using a tarp, large plastic garbage bag, or generic type of cover may result in unwanted rust/corrosion damage due to lack of proper ventilation or accumulated condensation. 

Will I need to clean the cover?


Cleaning your cover is as simple as removing it and rinsing it with a garden/yard hose. Give it time to dry and use a clean cloth to wipe off any excess water to where it is completely dry. Then place back onto your AC unit. 

Can I run my Air Conditioning unit with the cover on?


The custom AC cover is only to be used in the off seasons when you are not using your unit. Attempting to use your AC unit with the cover on may cause damage and should not be used in this way. 

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